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HI Microwave Provides series ferrite devices (Ferrite Circulators, RF Isolators, Coaxial Isolators) cover the frequency range from 18 to 100 GHz. The circulator is a three-port, ferrite junction device which can be configured as an isolator by terminating one of the ports. The standard units are produced with an in-line tee configuration, which is suitable for compact circuit layout and efficient use of available space. The high isolation, low insertion loss and low VSWR (high return loss) typical of these ferrite devices make them ideal for use with frequency sources, amplifiers, and receivers.

The circulator is commonly used as a duplexer for combining, transmitting and receiving functions with adequate mutual isolation, and for injection-locked amplifiers. Port orientations are straight in line or right angle. Triple junction units are also available.

Though narrower in bandwidth when compared to broadband (full waveguide band) Faraday-rotation isolators and wide band isolators, the series isolators are much smaller in size and lower in insertion loss.

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