NameTitleBrief Information of R&D Team
Head of Xi’An R&D center5 senior design engineers with over 80 man-years of experience in the microwave and millimeter-wave businesses;
Specialized in Wave Guide Products, like Joints, Coupler, transition, wave guide circulator and isolation and etc;
NieF ChengHead of Cheng’Du R&D centerSome team members come from some famous Chinese institutes,
Specialized in switches, filters, power divider/combiners, Directional couplers, Antenna, mixers, VCOs, RF amplifiers and etc
Dr. Maxim
Dr. Nicolay
Oversea R&D organizationCooperate with oversea R&D team and expert on some projects.
Learn and inherit the technology,into our own ability;
Frank ZhangGM of Chengdu FactoryQuality Assurance:
We are conscious of Quality:
•General Manager with QA background leading the quality control team;
•Traceable supply history on Aerospace, satellite, radar, carrier rocket, we deeply understand about quality;
Multi Standards Assurance:
•ISO9001, ISO14001,GJB900B-2009 and other Chinese national standard on Aerospace, satellite and etc;
•Periodic audit from big clients;
Process quality control:
•On-line automatic statistical analysis system to guide quality control;
•Automation equipment ensure consistency;
•Triple inspection procedure (Two full inspection + random sampling + final inspection)
•Strictly incoming inspection;
•Certified production process control: (automatic production equipment, effective production line, professional team, 13 years experience for mass production);
Delivery Assurance:
Production capacity:
•13 years of mass production experience;
•Flexible production lines can increase capacity;
Highly integrated supply chain brings better delivery control:
•Efficient supplier management with ERP;
•Very close to the core suppliers, fast response;
•Our self layout of the industrial chain on material manufacturing, machining centers, joint components manufacturing, etc., to avoid the supply of critical materials to protect the risk of customer supply chain security;
Continuous self improvement:
Renovation on production automation: automatic assembly machine (rotary) scheme, isolator cover assembly machine, testing machine, welding machine, labeling machine, Pin machine, ensure product consistency and quality, also bring efficient delivery;