2017 Starting Business abroad.
2016 HI Microwave keeps innovation on microwave technology, and continue our Expansion  and  Extension in up-and-down-stream, aim to be A wide range integrated suppliers for  customer.
Committed to our Vision: leading by and inherit from internationl technology, carry forward and further  developed by domestic R&D team, offering high performance, cost-effective and most complete series  of microwave products, to be your most dependable and economical source.
2015Helping customers with substitution of some import products and even with better performance.
Some alternative products with own independent intellectual property rights.
2014Keeping a good interaction & integration between our overseas and domestic teams.
For years, we learn and inherit the international microwave technology,and have turned it into our own  ability step by step.
2013Begining expansion to full series microwave product.
2012Seting up overseas R&D organization by cooperate with R&D team and expert on some project.
2011It became a channel for technology transfer, through the introduction of technology to obtain advanced  technologies and other information, at the same time the pressure of international competition would  force us to speed up internal technological progress in order to enhance competitiveness and thus  promote technological progress in various sectors.
Recruit senior engineer from local famous Chinese institutes,which are specialized in Switches, Filtrs, Power  Divider/Combiners, Directional Couplers, Antennas, Mixers, VCOs, RF Amplifiers and etc.
2010Begining R&D on Polarizing Filters and Linear, Crossed, Wire Grid Polarizer.
2009Seting up Xi'AN R&D center by Mr.MX Na.PhD.
Introduceing capability on full series of Wave Guide Products, like Joints, Coupler, Transition, Waveguide  Circulator and Isolator and etc.
Starting R&D on Waveguide ET/HT Connector, Magic T, Multi-channel Waveguide Rotary Joint,Straight/Bend/Twist/Eliptical Flexible Waveguide, Waveguide Flange Convertor.
2008Starting R&D for Coaxial Filter and Waveguide Bandpass, Harmonic Wave Filter & Diplexers
2007Seting up Shenzhen Sales&Support office.
Starting R&D on coaxial, Waveguide Cross Directional, Circular, Double Ridged Waveguide High Directivity,  Probe Coupler.
2006Geting verification on Waveguide Fixed, Variable, Boltage/Digital Control Attenuators and Bias/Slide, Open-  short Circuitor;

Waveguide Transition Adapter, RF Coaxial Adapter also got small batch order.

2005Some type of CI was verified, we began to supply SMD, Coaxial, Drop-in, Coaxial, microstrip, Dual-  junction circulator and isolator to Chinese Market.
Due to good performance, compatible price and delivery, customer begin to give us some other  requirement, like Circuitor, Adapter and Attenuators. We begin to research on it.
2004Starting to sampling circulator and isolator for Chinese Insititute.